Learn all about this magnificent beauty that is the source of the Rio da Prata BONITO MS.

The Rio of Prata is a waterway located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, more specifically in the municipality of Jardim (50 km from Bonito).
This is a tributary of the Rio of Prata and has a high limestone content that differentiates it from other rivers.

Recanto Ecológico Rio of Prata

It also has crystalline waters, as is to be expected from the region, and is well known by ecotourism lovers.
South American river formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and Paraná rivers.
It is one of the largest estuaries in the world. In fact, the Río of Prata is equivalent to a submerged valley instead of a true estuary.

Where does the Rio of Prata originate:

It is located between Uruguay to the north and Argentina to the west and south, is 200 miles long and 65 to 100 miles wide.
Its hydrologic drainage area is 3.14 million square miles.

Where the Rio of Prata MS is born.

On its banks are cities as important as Buenos Aires and Montevideo, and it is one of the busiest waterways in South America.
Discover the history of Recanto Ecológico Rio of Prata:
After all, all measures to minimize the environmental impact, including tourist visits, significantly influenced conscientious behavior in the region.
First, let's get to know a little more about the history of the place?
Recanto Ecológico Rio of Prata began its activities in June 1995, when it received its first tourists.
Initially, Recanto's objective was to create an organized model of ecotourism, focusing on quality and safety, combining regional development with environmental protection. Amazing, huh?
Thus, tourist visitation, combined with measures of minimal environmental impact, starts to encourage conscious behavior throughout the region.

Where the Rio of Prata MS is born.

Furthermore, there are rules such as: limit on the number and spacing between groups, guided tours, walking on a single track and not leaving the trail, mandatory use of equipment during the tour, prohibition of feeding wild animals and collecting fruits and seeds, among others. 
For this reason, the now Recanto Ecológico Rio of Prata is an award-winning attraction for its management.
To this end, all participants of the tour must comply with certain rules, some of which are listed below:
·         Limit the number of people.
·         The minimum interval between group visits.
·         The tour is done with a guide only.
·         Queue for route (leave route without permission).
·         Mandatory use of equipment during the tour.
·         Do not feed wild animals.
·         Harvesting of fruits and seeds is not permitted.
How are the tours on the Rio of Prata:
Over the years, Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata has been equipped and today offers several options for tours for those who enjoy adventure and contact with nature. Great, isn't it?
Check out what to do in the attraction below!
What should I take with me to the Rio of Prata:
So, to make the most of the sights and take home a souvenir, a good camera is ideal.
(If you go by water, choose to rent a GoPro that can be used underwater, this will bring you more security while filming your tour), swimsuit, towel, money and, if applicable, pay extra with credit card. So write it down so you don't forget anything!
Gastronomy in the Rio of Prata:
After seeing so much, nothing better than taking a break to taste the delicious food that the attractions offer, so you can taste a little of everything you want!
At the Rio of Prata lunch buffet, visitors can taste typical dishes from the region, organic salads and desserts such as the traditional dulce de leche made with the milk of the farm's own cows.
Everything you find in this magnificent place will delight you and your family!
Fluctuation on Rio of Prata:
The fluctuation is one of the most sought-after activities on the Rio da Prata, as this tour is done in the clear waters of the river, known for its beauty!
During the event, a gentle stream of water takes visitors on an underwater journey filled with different species of plants.
Fluctuation on Rio of Prata
In addition, schools of arapaima, swordfish, catfish and others in the Pantanal are companions downstream. This is the perfect tour for nature lovers.
To float in the Rio of Prata, you don't need to know how to swim, as you will be wearing a life jacket and neoprene clothing, which will help with mobility.
Find out a little more about: The tour starts at the source of the Olho D’Água River, a large natural pool with transparent waters, where a guide will help everyone to put on a mask, snorkel and do flotation training.
The route is about 2 kilometers from the confluence of the Olho D’Água and Prata rivers.
And also know that the minimum age to hold the event is 6 years. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Furthermore, if the child cannot participate in the tour and needs to return, he/she must be accompanied by a guardian.
Scuba Diving in Rio of Prata:
On this trip, travelers accompanied by professional divers will venture through incredibly clear waters, home to a variety of fish, vast vegetation and beautiful underwater landscapes. Everything is incredibly magnificent in this place!
Most popular options for Diving in Bonito MS
The tour starts at Stone Dick Rio of Prata, where the instructor will give you all the instructions about equipment and routes.
The activity takes place at a depth of 5 to 7 meters and lasts 40 minutes.
Oh, if you're worried, don't worry, you don't need a certification to dive in the Rio of Prata, ok?
Horse riding on the Rio of Prata:
Horseback riding in Rio of Prata is a great opportunity to contemplate nature, learn how cattle are raised on a farm and ride among the herds.
Horse riding on the Rio of Prata.
All this takes place in a magnificent setting of unique beauty, I believe you will love it!
During the activities in Rio of Prata:
The guide will accompany the group, familiarizing them with the different environments of the farm and enjoying a unique view of the thick and the fields of the region.
The horseback ride takes place over a 6-kilometer route and lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you can make the most of all the unique scenery that the attraction offers.
Bird watching and birdwatching on the Rio of Prata:
The Rio of Prata offers two tours with the observation of bird watching: bird watching and bird watching.
The first tour takes place inside the Cabeceira do Prata Farm, Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RNHR), where the visitor can observe more than 235 registered species. many things!
In addition, a second one called “Passarinhada”, ideal for beginners, takes place at the reception of the Recanto Ecológico Rio of Prata farm, internal roads and fields where visitors can observe and photograph wildlife.
Imagine this beauty in front of you for those who are nature lovers will fall in love!
Some Notes and Rules for the Rio of Prata region:
To preserve the flora and fauna of the region and provide visitors with a complete and safe experience, the attraction has safety standards. See what they are in this article:
Each eco tour activity with medical restrictions that must be checked to verify visitor orientation to a tour.
Therefore, contact us at Bonito Ecotour if there is a tour available or one on sale and we will help you find the best possible price.
Rio of Prata Restrictions:
The tours carried out in the waters of the river prohibit the use of repellents and sunscreens so as not to damage the water. So no using these products before entering the rio of prata.
In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and snacks is not allowed on the trail and on the riverside, to ensure the safety of everyone, including the animals.
Trail rides, floating and diving are not allowed for pregnant women over 24 weeks and people with a history of stroke, heart attack and other illnesses.
So let us know in advance if you have any of these conditions. 
Safety certificate for adventure trips on the Rio of Prata:
One of the main objectives in Rio of Prata is to promote responsible behavior through the practice of low-impact tourism and safe practices in adventure tourism.
Therefore, between 2008 and 2010, the attraction implemented a Safety Management System (SMS), which consists of a series of measures to prevent accidents. These actions include:
·         Make visitors aware of the risks involved in activities in nature.
·         Inventory, analysis and minimization of risks in tourist operations to improve tourist safety.
·         Organization of emergency care and nursing procedures.
·         Train employees in first aid and emergency response.
See now how to have a magnificent and perfect trip to Bonito MS:
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History of Bonito by the local government:
After all, the core of the housing complex that will be the location of the bonito market began with the acquisition of the land at Fazenda Rincão Bonito, 10 and a half miles away, from Mr.
The captain of Euzébio Luiz da Costa, Leite Falcão, who arrived there in 1869, is considered the pioneer and first notary of the bonito...


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